ozbuy printer cartridge finds service

No longer content with just a "pretty picture", online shoppers are demanding more from e-commerce and e-tailers are responding with added functionality and advanced search capabilities.

The Web site of, local e-tailer of business and office products, now boasts a new Quicksearch facility for the booming printer cartridge market, worth $150 million.

The site already features a search engine, but ozbuy managing director Michael Glezerson explained that the vast quantity of printer cartridge types demanded a more comprehensive and user-friendly search facility.

"Research showed that customers' biggest complaint was the bewildering array of choice, with literally thousands of different products on offer," Glezerson said. "We have spent months working with Canon, Hewlett-Packard and Epson to make [choosing] much easier. We would like to extend that to all brands, with cooperation."Quicksearch offers sophisticated Internet-based product comparison tools, incorporating the ability to search and compare features, price and brand online.

Glezerson said the effect on sales has been immediate.

"We've already seen numbers double from the first day. We are constantly reinventing things. Gone are the days when a pretty picture and the price will suffice. Customers are very demanding and they need more."