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EYE-t keeps IT clean

EYE-t Technology, developers and marketers of eyeguard, software designed to block explicit adult images, last week announced the Australian availability of its new anti-pornography software package that allows corporations or individuals to manage and/or barr such images.eyeguard protects both workers and employees from viewing any adult images from any source, whether it be viewed on the Web, sent via e-mail, stored on the hard drive or uploaded from CD-ROM or floppy disk. eyeguardTM is built around sophisticated software algorithms that blocks images exceeding a pre-determined criteria in a fraction of a second.

EYE-t is promoting the product as a corporate productivity tool to help both employers and their staff to work unhindered by such images being viewed in company beats amazon.comLocal e-tailer Moneybags has ousted heavyweight online store as the preferred book supplier for popular share investment Web site HotCopper, supplier of investment resources.

HotCopper made the switch from because its 40,000 strong membership required a resource provider with a predominantly Australian focus.

Victorian-based Moneybags will also offer books and other publications with a financial or business focus via the HotCopper Web site.

Launched only last year, Moneybags operates an associate program that provides other Web sites with a direct link to the Moneybags site.

Working under this associate program, HotCopper will run their own branding and advertising, while drawing on Moneybags' resources and launches Visor PDA in JapanJust two months after holding a European product launch, US-based solutions provider Handspring launched a localised version of its multicoloured Visor hand-held personal digital assistant (PDA) for the Japanese and US markets.

As in Europe, the US and Japanese versions of the Handspring will feature its five signature colours of blue, green, yellow, white and graphite.

In Japan, Handspring will likely find itself in direct competition for the attention of buyers with companies like Sharp, Casio and