Opinion: You can't handle the truth, can you?

Everyone wants to read about peers and competitors. We want to know how they are doing and we need to know how we are shaping up by comparison.

The channel is very good at this competitive stuff. At ARN, we get most of our news leads from companies who seem to know an extraordinary amount about other peoples' businesses. It's the nature of the beast and long may our valuable sources continue to be oracles.

So again Australian Reseller News contacted Inform and asked it to conduct the Channel 100 survey. The aim is to position the players in the channel in terms of their classifications and revenue rankings (we'd really love to know profit but that's a whole new can of ridiculously ugly worms).

Inform goes to the market in good faith and relies very heavily on the integrity of the channel companies to tell it like it really is. Inform has researched its darndest to get this right and give us the most reliable survey, so that we can publish it for you, and we truly hope it's of value.

But here's the thing. My concern is that not everyone tells the whole, so help me God truth. Most of you do, or maybe it's just a smidgen of an exaggeration.

But I believe that sometimes it is all so outrageously off the mark that pigs could fly.

Research like the Channel 100 could be so good if every iota of information was factual, the integrity of every assessment was unquestionable. It's a function of accountability and it's over to you, the source of our information.

Read it, use it, call each other up and say good on you.e-mail Mark Jones or me with your thoughts.

Susan Searle is the Publisher of ARN. Contact her at