Unisys on the reseller hunt

With a new top-end server in its quiver, Unisys is targeting the high-end corporate and government NT/2000 server market and needs resellers to come to the party.

Recently appointed systems and technology director for Unisys South Pacific (Australia and New Zealand) Wendy Stubbs is on the hunt for integrators who can bring a value-add to the equation and roll out the vendor's new Enterprise Server ES7000 in the Australian market.

With its heritage derived from Unisys' mainframe technology, Stubbs claims the new server is well positioned to handle the increased demands of running e-business applications.

"The ES7000 server fills a gap in the high-end NT and [Windows] 2000 market," Stubbs claims. "What Unisys is trying to do is dominate that top end."The ES 7000 started shipping in March this year, with already 60 orders placed around the world, a figure Stubbs hopes to boost locally with the addition of a select few resellers. Looking for national coverage, Stubbs claims Unisys is currently in the "early stages" of discussions with a number of channel companies, and "hopes to have some resellers signed by the end of the year."With NT and Windows 2000 becoming more accepted platforms for high-end enterprise applications such as ERP, CRM and SAP, Stubbs is confident the ES7000 will be a useful tool to have in a reseller's arsenal.

The ES7000 is geared towards server consolidation, claims Stubbs. "The idea [that you have] to keep adding servers is getting out of control. Our system is the only one that can scale beyond eight processors [for the NT and 2000 platforms]," Stubbs said. "It allows an enterprise to scale up and scale out."According to Unisys research, the ES700 is also competitive on price point, valued well under its closest competitors.