PC market slows in GST wake

The Australian PC market has suffered negative Q2 growth as companies locked down spending in the lead up to the GST, according to a Dataquest report by market analyst Gartner.

Australia's share of PC shipments in the Asia Pacific region slipped four per cent year on year to 13.1 per cent while most other markets in the region experienced positive growth. Gartner analysts said the figures confirm earlier predictions Q2 would be a slow as large enterprises delayed IT spending in preparation for the GST's introduction.

However it was not all doom and gloom. The local market grew overall quarter on quarter, buoyed along by growth in the retail channel and in the SME arena.

"While there was negative growth year on year due to the GST, quarter on quarter there was growth of 12 per cent, driven by the GST start up kit offered by the ATO to small business to combat the fear of the GST," said regional director and principle analyst for Dataquest Asia Pacific, Ian Bertram.

China retains the largest PC market share, with 38.2 per cent while Korea grabbed 19.5 per cent, with year on year growth of 84 per cent driven by competition and price wars amongst the major PC and notebook vendors.

Bertram said the Asia Pacific region was well on the way to breaking 18 million units for this year with a total growth rate of around 35 per cent year on year.