Megatec polices Police e-mail

Australian-based security integrator Megatec has been called into the lineup to assist the NSW Police Department with its email content filtering policy.

Megatec has just finalised a two-stage installation of the Police Department's e-mail content filtering and controlled Web-surfing system for its 17,000 users.

Having had a long relationship with various government sectors, Megatec was invited to help prepare the NSW Police's e-mail policy before using software vendor Content Technologies' MIMEsweeper product suite in the deployment of the content filtering application.

Although reluctant to reveal the monetary size of the contract, Eric Krieger, NSW Government business manager for Megatec, told ARN the deal was "very significant" in stamping Megatec as a leading player in the network security space.

"Firstly, it's in line with the type of business that we've been doing for a long time now," Krieger said. "And secondly, we're being asked by other departments [to provide filtering for them]."Krieger told ARN that Megatec has recently finished a similar policy-based e-mail and Web content filtering deployment for the Queensland Police Department and is looking to establish itself as the Government's default integrator for e-mail and Web content filtering.

The NSW Police contract comes after numerous, widely reported, incidents within police and government departments where resources have been used in an inappropriate manner over the last 12 months.