Avnet Computer signs strategic partnership with J.D. Edwards

Solutions integrator Avnet Computer has formed a strategic partnership with software vendor J.D. Edwards, targeting the Australian and New Zealand mid-range systems market.

Colin McKenna, regional manager for Avnet Computer Marketing Group in Australia and New Zealand, said the strategic partnership meant it would be J.D.

Edwards' preferred technology partner across both countries.

"It means a significant increase in our base accounts because we'll be servicing the J.D. Edwards install base for their infrastructure needs, and we'll also be working with J.D. Edwards as their infrastructure partner with new business," McKenna said.

Avnet Computer also has a strategic partnership with J.D. Edwards in the US, McKenna added. "So in terms of looking at how we roll programs out around the world, it made sense for us to look at this," he said. "The closer we worked with J.D. Edwards, the better the business case became for both of us."According to McKenna, the focus of its business was enterprise-level customers.

"We are finding that section of the market needs the value-add that we can bring in terms of complex integration and high-end technical services."