Interwoven takes off in Oz with Com Tech

US-based Web content management vendor Interwoven has launched itself in Australia with the announcement of the first local implementation of its TeamSite offering.

Channel partner negotiations are also currently underway with local integrator Com Tech. While the details of the partnership are expected to be finalised next week, both parties are already enthusiastic about the deal.

David Jacobson, Com Tech's online manager, believes the Interwoven offerings will fill an important hole in the Australian market, following the success of the products in the US.

"Essentially, the Interwoven offering is the perfect complement for our current suite of products. They are very strong in the content management side of things," Jacobson said. "TeamSite is first and foremost an e-business developer solution, but because of its capabilities it has enormous potential in the e-commerce market as well."

Coinciding with the Australian launch of Interwoven, Qantas has aired a brand new Web site which provides simultaneous updates and modifications without interrupting site transmission, eliminating downtime.

Interwoven's regional manager for Australia and New Zealand, Kyle McManus, told ARN that Qantas, its first Australian customer, was typical of the sorts of end users that would benefit from the product. "Basically everyone is moving online, and those who aren't doing it are thinking about it," McManus said. While Interwoven is happy with the new deal with Com Tech, McManus confirmed the vendor is in the market for other local channel partners.

"[We are looking for] local Web development partners that work in a variety of sectors - we are not focusing as much on vertical markets because TeamSite can be applied to any enterprise Internet or intranet development requirement," McManus said.

According to McManus, the Interwoven offerings stand to do well from the increasing interest in e-commerce, B2B and B2C environments. Team Site is very well suited to e-commerce Web-based environments."