Sun delivers NetBeans 4.1 access release

Sun Microsystems on Monday gave its NetBeans IDE 4.1 developers a rolling start toward working with the 4.1 version of the product, shipping an early access release that features support for Enterprise Edition 1.4 with EJB and Web services.

The early release has 15 new modules for creating J2EE 1.4-compatible applications, which is built on NetBeans 4.0 technology, according to the company. It enables developers to write for the J2ME as well as J2EE EJB and Web services.

Also included free of charge is the Sun System Application Server Platform Edition 8.1 beta that can be used as a runtime and with NetBeans helping to guide the developer and to automatically build the underlying J2EE-compatible infrastructure, a company spokesman said.

Sun has also included several samples of J2EE 1.4 applications that are accessible from within the IDE, as well as contributions from the J2EE Java Blueprints catalog.

Developers can also test the Web services they create and deploy from within the IDE, a spokesman said. They can register existing Web services to the IDE and then add the code that can call on those Web services. Developers go about testing all registered Web services from the IDE by just entering the input parameters of each operation, company officials explained.

Corporate and third-party developers wanting to download the release can do so at .

Company officials said the next early access release is scheduled in January 2005.