Out of the Box ... Canon, Shockwatch, Oce, Quantum, AusLinx


Canon is upping the ante on combined printer/fax units with the release of its new high-volume L1000.

The networkable 1200dpi laser printer has a fax transmission time of three seconds per page, with a scanning capability of 30 pages per minute. The memory stores 192 pages of data, which can be increased to 704 pages with additional memory options.

One toner cartridge will print 5000 pages and Canon has boosted the overall paper capacity to 1000 pages and a 100 page multifeeder. Aimed at corporate workgroups, either as a fax or a back up printer, it can output 16 pages of grey scale per minute, according to the company. The L1000 can be configured to enable PC printing, or upgraded to a Network or Postscript printer. Pricing information is available from the company Web site.


Damage prevention specialist Shockwatch has unveiled its latest weapon in the fight against poor product handling - a "black box" which logs shocks and vibrations via a tri-axial monitoring system.

The box can be attached to vehicles, containers, or equipment in transit or storage. Shocklog records bumps, bruises and climatic changes and can also be used to design packaging or test different transport methods and routes.

Shocklog can also record up to 4000 samples per second and the 2MB memory holds records of up to 400 significant events. The tamper-proof unit has a 500 day battery life, according to Shockwatch.

Each unit includes Windows-driven software that allows the operator to configure the instrument and extract, examine and interpret the data recorded. It is priced at $7277, plus GST.


Excessive price has long been the scourge of digital printers, but Oce claims its 9300 digital printer is priced just above the average CAD inkjet plotter.

Priced at $11,720 plus GST, the 9300 uses LED technology and comes standard with 32MB of RAM (expandable to 64MB) and RS-232 serial interface, delivering two AO pages per minute. According to Oce, the fuser system embeds the toner into the paper more deeply than standard LED processes, producing greater resolution and more durable print.

The Oce 9300 can be used in conjunction with Windows or AutoCad R12-2000 and has added detail features such as the assigning of account numbers to print DLTQuantum DLT has launched its new Snap Server 4000, the first 120GB RAID 5 capable workgroup file server, designed to meet the needs of corporate workgroups in large organisations.

With a 120GB storage capacity and a rack mountable option, it is being hailed by Quantum as a more cost-effective alternative than an NT server. The Snap Server 4000 is available through LanOne for $6588 plus GST.


AusLinx has launched an Internet solution which allows users to run a 24-hour Internet connection and phone service off a single telephone line using a combination of the new Redback modem and a telephone line Splitter. The Redback is an internal ADSL-type modem for high speed and broadband connections and the Splitter separates the two frequencies into the high end (ASDL), assigned to online communications, and the low end, for voice calls.

As well as allowing the user to receive calls while on the Net and e-mails while on the phone, AusLinx says Redback offers connection and download speeds up to 50 times faster than 56Kbps modems.

The Ready to Receive solution is available through AusLinx for $299 and is supported by a five-year warranty for service and support.