SaleLogix lands for Web-phones

Software vendor Interact Commerce launched a version of its Saleslogix customer contact management package today for Web-enabled mobile phones and handheld devices.

The product is a free application to existing Interact Commerce customers. It provides users with real-time access to current account, contact and calendar information through a Web phone or WAP device.

SalesLogix can cut the small to medium enterprises' (SME) outlay on laptops by up to 50 per cent, according to Bonny Malik, manager of Interact Commerce South Asia.

Sales forces and resellers from "every industry" imaginable had shown strong interest in the product, according to Malik. "Suddenly the CRM market will become more open and won't just be targeting the mobile phone market. We expect a five-fold expansion in potential users," he said.

"This solution is tied closely to the mobile and WAP markets. The next six to 12 months will be crucial (due to) Nokia and Ericsons's release of a stronger range of WAP phones."

SaleLogix sales would generate $3 to $4 million in licensing fees in Australia over the next year, Malik estimated.

For each standard license of SalesLogix purchased with the enterprise or e-business server, customers receive a traditional workgroup, Web, remote or wireless client, a company statement read.

Interact Commerce's local reseller base of 20, including Deloitte Touche Tomatsu, Microcell, Mercury, Nexus Solutions, SLX Solutions and Time Link, will service the SalesLogix solution.