Trading tool an Aussie first

The University of NSW's integrated student thesis program has yielded a first for Australian e-commerce.

Code-named "Stochaston Blue", the online trading tool was developed over two years in a project which saw the participation of two companies, Stochaston &, a group of UNSW students and Dr Andrew Cumming.

According to Stochaston &, the tool consists of an algorithmic engine designed to automate the construction of portfolios of options and forwards drives the product.

Stochaston Blue is designed to be a strategy/risk management-trading tool that allows users to create portfolios of options, forwards, and positions, in the underlying assets according to their desired risk characteristics and profit diagram.

Stochaston and aim to provide a way of educating and developing new methods for trading through hand-held devices and interactive television.

A provisional patent application covering the suite of innovations was lodged in June 2000, and according to the companies, Stochaston Blue's core engines are commercially ready with a waiting list of clients for beta testing.

Prototype beta testing is expected to commence within the next few weeks.