Access360 hits Australian shores

Flagging its plans to expand into the Asia-Pacific market, Access360 has appointed Hugh Sutherland as vice president SA Pacific, and he's got his eye on a couple of key partners to grow the business locally.

Access360 is a resource provisioning management (RPM) software developer with its flagship product enRole designed to update user access to any part of a company's network on the fly.

The company's products sit over an organisation's network and centralise authorisation to databases and applications which is updated every time a new employee is added, moved or a new business partner is introduced.

Traditionally this function has been left to network managers who tend to have a backlog of requests they pour through when they get a spare five minutes. Access360's products automate this function across any platform as well as providing snapshot audits of ‘who's got access to what' across an enterprise's network.

As well as scouting for real estate to set up a local office, Sutherland has been in Australia to orchestrate partnering agreements with a few of the country's large integrators and consulting companies.

Although Sutherland is sheepish about who Access360 is in discussions with, he did confirm the company has been working with Pricewaterhouse- Coopers, Unisys and Deloitte Touche Tomatsu in the US.

Due to the high level of customisation involved in implementing its products Access360 has, in the past, gone direct. However, Sutherland claims the company has now "productised" its offerings and is in the process of growing its reseller channel.

Sutherland claims there is a $US7 billion dollar market worldwide for this type of solution and is looking in Australia for integrators with a consulting heritage.

"We're starting from ground zero here in Australia, so we've got to get around the big guys [such as the big five consulting houses] first, and then we'll start engaging with system integrators," claims Sutherland. "We really need people who understand access provision management."