Ups and downs at Solution 6

It has been a topsy-turvy week for Solution 6 - within 24 hours the company has added the launch of a new taxation information portal for the Taxation Institute of Australia (TIA), and announced the resignation of chief financial officer Tom Montgomery.

While Neil Gamble was delivering a speech on how Solution 6 had completed an information portal for the TIA in less than four months, Tom Montgomery was packing his bags to return to the US. A statement released to the stock exchange suggested the resignation came about because Montgomery wanted to spend more time with his family in Texas.

Montgomery is the third executive at Solution 6 to leave within a matter of months, after the departure of CEO Chris Tyler in May, and the resignation of Lindsay Yelland just weeks ago. Yelland was chief executive of the company until current CEO Neil Gamble took on the top job.

The TIA agreement sees Solution 6 take a percentage of any revenues gained from applications it has developed for the new taxation institute portal, The portal is designed to keep tax practitioners up-to-date with the incredible masses of legislation being passed in Australia's taxation reform. Revenues will be gained from certain documents and video-streamed tutorials on the site that users pay to download.