Powerlan adds a tier to Whitepine's products

IT services and solutions company Powerlan has appointed distributor Conexus to wholesale its ASP and enterprise Web-to-host solutions in Australia and New Zealand.

Conexus will be targeting traditional computer resellers, mass merchants, VARs and system integrators with David Murray, Conexus' managing director, confident of a bright outlook.

"We know these solutions will be an instant success with the burgeoning ASP market in Australia," Murray said in a press statement. "It is just the right tool for [Powerlan's] business needs. We are looking at one of the great new products to come onto the market this year".

According to Theo Baker, managing director of Powerlan, the product Conexus is distributing used to be owned by Whitepine software, a company Powerlan acquired 12 months ago.

At that stage, Powerlan was Whitepine's distributor for this product, which it then sold direct. Baker said the product worked better with a two-tier distribution model but has now changed its mind and is getting Conexus to distribute it to resellers.

Products included under this agreement include Terminal Emulators WebTermä, 5PM Termä, X Windows Servers WebTerm Xä and eXodusä.