Senior Westcon executive resigns

Westcon Australia national sales manager John Readshaw has resigned from the distribution company and taken up an appointment as the regional business development manager with services giant NCR's fledgling e-business unit.

Readshaw confirmed the story today, saying he had been in the job for "nearly two years" and claiming he has moved on because "it was time for a new challenge".

A Westcon source lamented that "this was not part of our plan".

"He was a bloody good salesman. We are busily looking for a replacement and headhunters have already been briefed," the source said, just hours after Readshaw had played his hand.

According to Readshaw, he takes up the new position as of the beginning of December. He said there are some "strategic initiatives" he has been driving at Westcon and that he will stay until they are put to bed.

Sources both inside and outside Westcon said there was nothing suspicious about Readshaw's sudden resignation.

"Two years is a long time as a national sales manager in this business," one source said.

"It must have been a good offer from NCR because he was important to Westcon and the opportunity there was great. Westcon has enormous growth potential with the Lucent and Nortel product ranges. It is a good job that he has left and a great career opportunity for someone."