UPDATE: Praxa confirms staff lay-offs

Melbourne-based reseller and services company Praxa has laid off 63 staff in another major restructure, claiming the changes were made "with regret" in order to streamline the business and focus on its core competencies in IT infrastructure, systems integration and multimedia streaming.

After an initial period of silence, Praxa has formally released a statement suggesting it delayed informing the market about the decision to protect the interests of its existing and exiting staff, saying it had taken the necessary steps to keep its employees informed.

Praxa spokesperson Dene Elsegood said the current restructure is unrelated to a restructure announced at the end of September, which included an extensive reshuffle of Praxa's management and the business being split into three separate divisions - Praxa Technology, Praxa Business Solutions and Praxa Digital Media Group. The September restructure included the appointment of Colin Holgate, formerly of Deloitte Consulting and Unisys as CEO, as well as Steve Cantanzarita as CFO and Steven Sackett as Senior Commercial Business Officer. At the time the company had in the order of 500 staff.

According to a company statement, the employees made redundant were not "client-facing" and only a small percentage was technical staff.