Express Data ponders ASP model

As the year draws to a close, Express Data has revealed it has its thinking cap on when it comes to capturing a slice of the ASP market.

Faced with the prospect of significant changes to the traditional distribution model over the coming years, Express Data general manager Ross Cochrane told ARN he believes ASPs offer new opportunity.

Central to ED thinking are plans to offer application service providers billing and software licensing services.

"We don't think ASPs have the arms and legs and skills the channel has," he explained.

While admitting the plan is largely "pie in the sky" at this stage, Cochrane believes the distributor must look at ways of providing infrastructure to service providers.

Cochrane said the ideal scenario would be to partner with ASPs offering customers IT services on a per-seat basis. Details such as billing and licensing would be provided by ED as an invisible third party. "It really revolves around good systems," he said.

Any ASP-specific business is likely to be added incrementally to ED's business, he said.

Cochrane denied ED would intentionally partner with sister company Com Tech, which continues to build its own ASP services and Data Centre. "We're not going to be an ASP so there will be no leveraging whatsoever," he said.