EDITORIAL: Champion the cause

Unlike the movies, I do remember the seventies. I led a feminist march which culminated in burning my bra, demonstrated against whatever war was on that year and staged sit-ins on campus to promote minority rights. I also spent some essential time at Nimbin, that most famous of Australian communes where the spirit of Aquarius filled us with hope and unity.

It was the era when student crusades could change the world, when unity meant power.

So what does this lingerie sacrifice and post-Woodstock hippiedom have to do with Channel X? Hopefully it exposes more than my age -- rather, that it positions my love of causes and community.

A colleague told me recently that he worked in the channel before it was called "the channel". Ironically, that was only in the early 1990s. Even as late as 1995, the IT supply chain was still a disparate set of groups with no real voice or sense of belonging. I like to think that Australian Reseller News has provided a platform and a forum for the developing channel community. Of course it's still very competitive in technology distribution, but we now know who we are and what we can demand as the most significant IT buying force.

But it's all changing out there. New technologies coupled with vendors changing distribution strategies mean new markets -- and new threats and opportunities. There are emerging channel communities like telcos, ASPs and ISPs to forge new channel territory and to replace rationalised channels like the no-value-add dealer outlet.

The channel needs to embrace the new business opportunities to prove to the vendors how a channel distribution strategy can sell more stuff, and to welcome the XSPs to the gang. It needs to know how to ward off the bad vendor squeeze and, by presenting itself as a powerful unified group, provide the best service to its suppliers and customers alike.

Channel X will deliver that information resource. It's a business magazine for the channel that will look at the threats and opportunities of changing technology, changing markets, changing distribution strategies and changing channels.

Every day we deliver ARN Daily breaking news. ARNnet is a robust portal stacked with information and resources. Every week we analyse that news in ARN.

Now we're completing the information package with Channel X. It's slick, it's funky, it's for new-breed channel players who need the best business strategies to be successful.

Everybody needs a cause -- although today, post-feminism is probably more about g-strings than smoldering B-cups.

Baby boomers will remember Joan Baez chanting "we shall overcome". So come on, Channel X community: embrace the changes, champion the challenges, gain from our unity and let's go get 'em.