Exchange launched for new Flash extensions

Macromedia has launched an exchange for Flash extensions and ideas, providing the vendor's developer community with access to a variety of shared resources to cut back development cycles.

The exchange will house Macromedia Flash 5 extensions such as smart clips, ActionScript samples, Generator templates and source files posted by both developers and Macromedia's in-house technicians.

After downloading a free utility named the Macromedia Extension Manager, developers are able to download or upload contributions or share ideas around the use of the Flash program. A similar developer exchange for Macromedia's Dreamweaver was launched in April and has since been visited by over two million users who have downloaded more than one million extensions.

"The developers will benefit from the time savings involved with a shared environment," said Macromedia's country manager, Australia, John Paull. "Once a script is developed, it can be used multiple times. So for example, developers won't have to keep creating the same shopping trolley application over and over again."

Paull said the Web developer community is unique in its willingness to share ideas and applications, pointing out the Dreamweaver exchange has seen more than 270 new extensions uploaded, approved and made available to developers.

"It's an amazing community," he said. "I don't think you would see this kind of thing happening anywhere else."

The Flash exchange can be found at