Harvey quits Quantum for new quest

Former regional director for Quantum Asia-Pacific, Simon Harvey, has resigned from the back-up and storage vendor to pursue new opportunities.

Harvey is credited with forming Quantum’s channel in Australia prior to the appointment of Emil Kobylarz as managing director for the region in May.

Harvey told ARN he would stay on at the vendor until August 15.

“I have been with Quantum for three-and-a-half-years and it has provided me with great opportunities,” he said. “And while it sounds corny, I have reached a point in my career where I have decided I want to give something back to the industry.”

Harvey now plans to take a “personal sabbatical” to India, South East Asia and the US to search for new opportunities.

In his travels with Quantum, Harvey said he had talked to many tremendous technology organisations around the world that had no representation in Australia and New Zealand.

He plans to help provide these emerging technology companies with the infrastructure and personnel that will allow them to bring their IP to Australia.

Harvey said that Australian channel companies who were looking to differentiate themselves would find their answers within the new technologies and methodologies being developed in places such as India and SE Asia. He planned to be the “evangelist” that made these connections.

Harvey was vague on the details, and unhappy about being asked how he could profit from such a venture.

“It is not a venture,” he said. “Call it the passion of Simon Harvey. There are other people who have that same passion — and we are likely to all come together at some point.”

The business plan, he said, will come later and probably in the form of some kind of consulting operation. “I’m certainly not a philanthropist,” he said. “But I have nothing to lose and this industry has everything to gain.”