Resellers to get converged device SIM cards

Mobile and PDA distributor, Brightpoint, is partnering with Telstra to give its resellers more clout in the converged device market.

The deal enables Brightpoint resellers to bundle a Telstra SIM card with sales of PDAs and smart phones. Customers pay $50 for the card but receive $150 of data airtime.

“If you look at the converged device market for PDAs and smart phones a lot of the sales will be corporate and need to go through IT channels,” Brightpoint Australia general manager, Felix Wong, said.

“Traditionally, IT has not been able to connect mobile phones but the agreement with Telstra changes that. All of a sudden, there are far greater channels for more complex devices and everyone makes margin on it. The beauty of this is that it’s so simple.”

Although the ability to sell more complex converged devices is a good opportunity for IT resellers, it also creates a need for more advanced product training. Wong said Brightpoint would continue to grow the training it offered to its partners.

“Everything is getting that bit more complex in the handset market with multimedia messaging service (MMS), mobile email, calendaring and synching with Outlook,” he said.

“Outside of delivering a good range of reliable products, we need to focus on helping our customers to sell smarter and more complex devices. We want to be the partner for retailers in the wireless data space.

“It’s not as easy as it used to be – people don’t know all the answers anymore. We, in conjunction with vendors, need to provide that support to the market.”

Wong said Brightpoint was in discussion with other telcos about similar agreements but no announcements were imminent.

Last year was tough for Brightpoint locally and globally, according to Wong, as the company “cleaned up following the JD Edwards implementation debacle” and merged with handheld and wireless distributor, Advanced Portable Technologies (APT).

He said the two companies were now fully integrated. The new entity had relocated into a single facility with 50 per cent more useable space and in a good position to take advantage of opportunities in the current financial year.

“We have done the hard yards cleaning up the structure of the company and strengthening the balance sheet during the past couple of years,” he said.

“The local market is fairly buoyant at the moment – we are ready and able to fight and take advantage of that.”