Hallmark International appoints new CEO

Former Powerlan executive director, Garry Ganis, has been recruited as the new CEO for whitebox assembler and components distributor, Hallmark Computer International.

The move that should allow chairman and founder, Edward Ho, to step back further from the day-to-day management of the company and bolster the senior management team at a critical time for the business.

Ganis said he had always considered himself to be a channel man and was confident there was a bright future for the Melbourne-based company.

"I believe I have a firm understanding of the channel because I was a part of it myself for so many years," Ganis said. "From personal experience, I know how they need and want to be treated and I think Hallmark is in a great position to deliver what it is they are looking for in a distribution partner.

"At the end of the day, there is no future in just box dropping for distributors or resellers. We have to consolidate our position as a value-added distributor of complete products and components and then help our channel partners to transfer that value onto their customers."

Hallmark has restructured itself into three business units - mobility (notebooks), desktops and servers and remains committed to supplying leading edge solutions based around its core relationships with Intel and Microsoft. There is a strong components and peripherals distribution business that underpins the assembly of complete products and Ganis expects to "double the business" over the next two years.

Ganis said there was a genuine opportunity for the company to build services revenues from its assembly capability and by partnering with companies that in some aspects may be potential competitors.

"I am a big believer in co-opetition," he said. "At the moment a lot of our customers are buying components from us and doing their own assembly. That's fine but if they do that they are carrying their own warranty on the complete product.

"However, if they want to pay a small fee we will carry that for them and they can reduce their overheads and concentrate on generating sales."

Prior to being involved with Theo Baker's ill-fated Powerlan, Ganis was the managing director of International Networking Solutions which merged with Baker's company to go public.

He resigned from Powerlan in April 2000 and has been doing a range of business management consulting since then for high profile commercial entities such as Telstra and PA Consulting Group.