SecureData and Quantum back-up government

SecureData, in partnership with Quantum, will provide the federal department of employment and workplace relations with a Quantum DX30 enhanced back-up system.

It is needed to improve the performance and management of the department’s email back-up and restore systems, according to the department.

Director of data services for the department, Tony Tyler, said disk-based back-up was the solution to its growing email problem.

The DX30 system acts as a buffer between the mail servers and the tape libraries and is managed directly by the department’s back-up software.

It complements the automatic email archiving services provided by the department’s data back up tool by removing archived email from the network drives and placing it on the DX30, freeing up network storage.

Tyler said the department could slot into the existing storage infrastructure platform and keep two or three months of emails on the DX30, then archive to tape at leisure.

“Pressure is released on Exchange disk storage and our network server storage will no longer be overloaded by staff archiving their own emails,” he said.

SecureData managing director, Evan Penn, told ARN that the vendor had gained several valuable government contracts in the past.

“We have had a great deal of success with governments and it is a market that will be targeted more heavily in the future,” he said.