HP launches its fastest ever writers

HP claims its new DVD 300i internal writer and 300e external writer are its fastest ever. Capable of writing a DVD in 15 minutes using a write-speed of 4X, the vendor claims both models allow users to preserve and edit video, store data and digital photos, record music and back up or transfer information on CDs or DVDs. Built on the +R/+RW format, the 300e and 300i provide video-editing flexibility and simplified writing and editing methods including saving direct to disc and editing on disc. Both writers have up to 4.7GB of storage capacity. The 300e offers the flexibility of working through either an IEEE1394 fire-wire or USB 2.0 connection, both of which are included. The software suite for both models includes the ArcSoft Showbiz editing and authoring application, Cyberlink PowerDVD to play DVD movies on a PC and HP Memories Disc Creator to help create a digital slideshow or album on CD. RRP: 300i, $649; 300e, $799