Escort job on Job Network database

The Federal Government's employment service was today encouraging job seekers to work for an escort agency after the Jobsearch database mistakenly listed two jobs entitled "Ladies of All Ages" according to the deputy leader of the opposition Jenny Macklin.

The blunder was uncovered by an unemployed Tasmanian man registered with the Job Network after using the Jobsearch database at

According to the job description, ladies of all ages were needed for a busy city escort service. The ad included a mobile number and job reference number for further inquiries.

Macklin said it is "outrageous that taxpayers money is being used to recruit workers for an escort agency, particularly as many of the jobseekers being targeted are likely to be financially vulnerable".

Calling for an explaination from the Employment Services Minister on how the advertisement was distributed through the database and figures on how many people received the advert, Macklin said steps had to be taken to ensure similar job vacancies are not listed on the site.

"This incident is yet more evidence that the Howard Government's Job Network system is a shambles," she said.

The unemployed Tasmanian man alerted the government by sending an e-mail to Wayne Swan, MP.