Buzzle administrator "under a spell"

The ongoing legal battle over Buzzle was back in court yesterday, as Apple continued its quest to overthrow the administrator of the failed reseller group.

Lawyers for Apple told Justice Barrett of the NSW Supreme Court that liquidator Andrew Wily, of Armstrong Wily & Co, should be removed for failing to act impartially.

Acting for Apple, Clayton Utz partner, David Cowling, argued that Wily had “fallen under the spell” of solicitors acting for former Buzzle directors, Donald Hartono and Wing Liu.

Apple is contesting Wily’s move to issue examination summonses for Apple executives, as well as asking for his removal, and an inquiry into his conduct.

Buzzle’s major creditor Apple claims it was left out of the loop by Wily, who it claims, by contrast, was in “extensive contact” with solicitors for Hartono and Lui.

Cowling said Apple was still owed between $9million and $10 million by Buzzle.

Apple’s counsel, Naomi Law, appearing as a witness, said in order to comply with Wily's summons of Apple executives - a summons which the computer vendor is contesting - it would need to sort through 50,000 documents.

Barrister for Armstrong Wily & Co, Murray Aldridge, presented evidence including videotapes of the ABC’s documentary, Going Public, on the formation of the Buzzle.

Wily was appointed as provisional liquidator of Buzzle in January 2002.