Westcon signs training deal with Trainocate

Will expand Westcon’s training program to new audiences and a wider breadth of vendors.
Phil Cameron (Westcon-Comstor)

Phil Cameron (Westcon-Comstor)

Westcon-Comstor has signed an exclusive partner training deal with employee development and IT training company Trainocate in Australia. 

The partnership will allow Westcon to expand its own program to new audiences, across a wider breadth of vendors, building on its portfolio and internal capabilities. 

Headquartered in Singapore, Trainocate has hubs set up across Australia, the United States and a number of different Asia markets. 

According to Westcon, the deal marks Trainocate’s first with a distributor in Australia.  

The company currently offers training on vendors' products and specialisations from Amazon Web Services, Cisco, Google Cloud Platform, IBM, Microsoft, NetApp, Nutanix and Red Hat, among others. 

“We are excited to partner with Trainocate to bring to the Australian market certified training from the largest training provider across Asia Pacific and Japan,” said Westcon managing director Phil Cameron. 

“This signifies Westcon’s and Trainocate’s desire to continue to support our partners with ongoing education and enablement.” 

As a result of the partnership, former Westpac distribution manager Tomek Magiera has joined Westcon to lead the project between the two companies.