Red Education expands into the ‘last bastion’ of Europe

Now provides services across every continent.
Mike Baird (Red Education)

Mike Baird (Red Education)

Sydney-headquartered IT training provider Red Education has expanded into Europe, with its services now available across every continent. 

The added region was seen as the “last bastion” in its current business strategy, which sees it offering professionals services and training courses around the world, according to Red Education’s managing director Mike Baird. 

“We now cover all continents, providing a one-stop cyber security training shop for enterprise and global service integrators. Global sales require truly global training and support,” he said. 

The highlighting of cyber security training in particular comes as Baird claimed that the COVID-19 pandemic showed the importance of keeping up to date on the technology.

“A year ago, the world shut down with the global pandemic and new technologies exploded with five years of growth taking place in just 12 months,” he added. 

“This has put inordinate strain on business to implement cyber security solutions quickly, whilst ensuring best practice is adopted in the rollout and management phases. In an era of zero trust, we are seeing on-premise solutions transition to either a hybrid or full cloud experience.  

“In the rush to transition, we are continually being asked to come in and assist local and enterprise companies to triage mistakes in their implementations, sadly after breaches have occurred. Companies cannot afford to cut corners on this. The risks are too high as we have seen so many cyber security related incidents this past year.” 

The provider’s expansion into Europe follows its move to offer courses for the Americas, which was claimed to be a “pivotal moment” for the company in mid-January.  

The decision ended up being a lucrative venue for Red Education, as it claimed the size of the US market presented an opportunity that's thirty times larger than that across Australia and New Zealand

In addition to Europe and the Americas, the provider offers courses across Australia, New Zealand, India, China, Singapore and Japan, as well as the Asia Pacific, South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (SAARC) and the ASEAN regions.