NSW procurement portal shuttered as new ‘buying experience’ comes out of beta

The new procurement platform, buy.nsw, is coming out of beta

The NSW state government’s procurement portal, ProcurePoint, is set to be decommissioned this week as its replacement, a “new guided buying experience” for suppliers comes out of beta.

The NSW government unveiled details of its new buy.nsw procurement platform in 2018, at the time saying that the first part of the new portal would go live on 31 May that same year.

The first release worked as a marketplace for buying and selling cloud software, cloud hosting and infrastructure; and cloud support services.

Then Finance Minister Victor Dominello said at the time that one of the things the NSW government needed to work on was procurement.

Now, the new procurement platform, buy.nsw, is coming out of beta and this week will become the primary place for suppliers to go if they want to vie for government work. 

“Delivery of guided buying is scheduled for the end of the March,” the state government said in an update on the outgoing ProcurePoint site. 

“There may be a delay when you see the new site. The person sitting next to you may see the new site, while you can only see the old site. It can take up to 24 hours for the new site to display across all internet connection[s].

“Google search results may send you to the old site. Again, this is normal and will resolve itself within 24 hours,” it added.

The government said that old URLs have been remapped to their matching locations on the new site. 

As part of this process, the state’s existing procurement site, ProcurePoint, will be decommissioned, while new libraries and resources, as well as a library displaying policies, schemes, contracts and resources grouped by category will be delivered, along with new buyer and supplier guidance.