Ink cartridges reseller Gtek Solutions warned over 'harassment' calls

Was allegedly making cold calls to sell promotional office products

New South Wales Fair Trading has warned consumers not to deal with telemarketing company Gtek Solutions which resells printer ink cartridges and cleaning products.

Commissioner Rose Webb said Gtek Solutions' had cold called consumers to sell promotional office products which had left some feeling "pressured and harassed" into accepting.

"People are unaware they may be locked into an ongoing contract to purchase additional goods over several months and years into the future,” Webb said.  

Gtek Solutions allegedly does not provide consumers with a written contract specifying terms and conditions, nor provide them with a cooling-off period.

Fair Trading said that the business then issues invoices requiring payment and even when the consumers refuse to accept the goods the trader then refers back to the initial verbal agreement to demand payment.

According to the state government agency, Gtek Solutions' actions may constitute breaches under the Australian Consumer Law regarding unsolicited consumer agreements.           

"Fair Trading is reminding consumers to be cautious of cold-calling telemarketing businesses such as Gtek Solutions and to exercise their right to demand a written copy of a contract before entering into any agreement," Fair Trading said in a statement.

It also encouraged consumers to not share personal details over the phone if the trader refuses to send a written contract.

Gtek Solutions had not replied to ARN's request for comment at the time of writing.