Epicon hires ASG talent Wayne Gowland

Undertakes new business strategy after considering and rejecting acquisition proposals
Epicon CEO, Wayne Gowland

Epicon CEO, Wayne Gowland

Enterprise IT service provider Epicon has appointed Wayne Gowland as its new CEO, taking charge of the growth and expansion of its digital services integration and managed services business.

Epicon, which was formed in 2008, has developed its own digital integration technology platform that will soon be formally released into the market. The company services clients across government, banking and finance.

During the past year, the company said it had undertaken a renewed strategy and direction following its consideration and rejection of potential acquisitions and capital investment proposals.

“My focus area for the immediate future is to consolidate and accelerate the growth trajectory of our service integration and managed services business where we see great potential and demand,” Gowland said.

Prior to accepting the CEO spot, Gowland was the general manager of ASG Group for about eight years, and also held senior roles with Unisys and Telstra.

With Gowland’s appointment, Epicon founder and owner Yair Tzur said he can now focus on product development and longer-term business strategy.

In 2017, the company was reportedly in the process of securing $20 million in a capital raising effort with the help of PwC, in a bid to take its business global.