Fusion Broadband migrates SD-WAN service to IBM Cloud

Platform now available to 200 IBM partners globally

Australian SD-WAN provider Fusion Broadband has migrated its service to IBM Cloud after finding its capacity increasingly under pressure.

The Victoria-based company will now see its technology sold by 200 IBM partners globally.

Following the migration, more than 80 per cent of Fusion’s SD-WAN network is spread across IBM sites in Sydney and Melbourne along with other IBM locations.

According to Fusion MD Jason Maude, the company’s former infrastructure was inhibited by increasing growth, leading to more support calls.  

“Changes had to be made,” he said. “Investigations led us to partner with IBM and with a rapid deployment of less than 24 hours, we migrated most of our load off our primary point of presence in Sydney into the IBM Cloud.”

Maude added that IBM was the “gold standard” of infrastructure-as-a-service with roughly 60 global locations.

As a result of the switch-over, Maude claimed the company saw a 400 per cent growth in its SD-WAN services.

“Our own management requirements have reduced with support calls dropping significantly. Because we’re running the infrastructure at 20 per cent instead of 80 per cent, we’ve got a much more robust environment,” he said.  

The company said it has already seen the service deployed to one Australian bank.

In addition, Fusion will allow its partners to build their own SD-WAN network in the IBM Cloud from any location globally, meaning they need not co-locate their SD-WAN resources with other customers.

“It’s completely compartmentalised, which is important from a data sovereignty and data protection standpoint,” Maude added.