Microsoft in mind as Insentra aligns with global data experts

Trusted Data Solutions taps into Insentra’s FastTrack status with Microsoft
Itzik Gur (Insentra); Ronnie Altit (Insentra) and Steven Boi (Insentra

Itzik Gur (Insentra); Ronnie Altit (Insentra) and Steven Boi (Insentra

Insentra has partnered with Trusted Data Solutions (TDS) to bring restoration and email archive migration solutions to partners within the Microsoft channel.

The US-headquartered vendor specialises in legacy data, tape, email and voice offerings, with reach across regulated institutions, government agencies and law firms.

Leveraging Insentra’s FastTrack status with Microsoft, the channel specialists will provide TDS’ Restoration Assurance Program and Evolve email archive migration solutions to partners across “highly-regulated compliance driven industries”.

“We are excited to be using the Evolve solutions to fulfil client requirements we have previously been unable to address,” said Ronnie Altit, CEO of Insentra.

According to Altit, Insentra will help TDS “address and resolve” data challenges faced during migration processes, consolidation projects and restoration roll outs.

“Additionally, TDS’ Restoration Assurance Program and other tape services will also serve our partners and their clients needing to modernise their technology stack,” Altit added.

TDS operates a global restoration assurance facilities footprint in the market, with millions of customer tapes under management, equating to over 500 petabytes of data, across 37,000 delivered projects.

“This partnership between TDS and Insentra will increase the availability of key email archive migration capabilities,” said Marcella Arthur, worldwide vice president of marketing and channel operations at TDS.

“This will also introduce our expansive legacy data management services that expand to tape and voice via a partner like Insentra who has proven leadership in data migrations and IT infrastructure services including Office 365.”