Airservices Australia unveils plans to transform enterprise network

Looks for providers with "experience to deliver a multi-million dollar solution"

Airservices Australia has revealed it intends to overhaul its enterprise network as part of a major ‘modernisation’ program.

The Government-owned entity, which handles aircraft navigation in Australia, is looking to replace its existing systems that are ‘end-of-life or nearing obsolescence’ with new and emerging technology.

An expression of interest (EOI) is expected to be released early 2019, when enterprise partners with "experience to deliver a multi-million dollar solution" will be invited to pitch.

According to the announcement, the partner will be responsible for installing and managing a new "viable operating model" across all telecommunications and network services for the National Airways System (NAS), as well as its corporate data networks.

This network also covers Aviation Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) as part of air traffic service provider responsibility, according to the advanced market notice.

The contract may also include consolidation of sites, reduction of network equipment levels, optimisation of surveillance coverage and network bandwidths.

“Airservices encourages participation from suitable organisations or collaborative partnerships who have the capacity and experience to deliver a multi-million dollar solution that can provide a highly available, resilient, reliable and secure network which, whilst innovate and keeping pace with change, maintains the highest safety and reliability standards to ensure regulatory compliance,” the document stated.

The announcement comes as Airservices Australia undertakes a major innovation program across its IT infrastructure.

The company recently transitioned its corporate information technology services to a managed service secure cloud, in a move that was considered the largest in Australian Government history, as reported by sister publication CIO.

It also invested in OneSky, a project that harmonises civil and military air traffic control in Australia on one system.