Nokia buys Eizel Technologies

  • John Blau (IDG News Service)
  • 24 April, 2003 07:58

Nokia has agreed to acquire Eizel Technologies, a privately held software company that specialises in server-based products designed to transform email messages, attachments, intranet applications and Web content into formats easily accessible by virtually any mobile device on any network, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer announced in a statement.

Eizel technology requires no alternation of source content and no additional client software, according to Nokia. The product provides "on-the-fly" reformatting of source content to fit the form of the mobile device while preserving interactive elements.

It also supports SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) encryption and LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) authentication to ensure secure access.

Nokia plans to integrate Eizel technology into its own range of secure enterprise products, in addition to delivering it as a software application for organisations that have standardised Unix or Linux platforms from major hardware vendors, it said.

US-based Eizel Technologies was founded in 2002 by scientists from the US-based Carnegie Mellon University. The company currently employs 26 people.