Australia has no dedicated minister for cyber security

Functions rolled into Home Affairs

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has appointed his new cabinet on Sunday 26 August without naming a minister for cyber security.

Morrison, who was sworn Australia's Prime Minister on 24 August, decided to roll the cyber security functions into the Department of Home Affairs instead of appoint a replacement to Angus Taylor who resigned on 23 August.

"And the Hon Angus Taylor MP will join cabinet as minister for energy. Mr Taylor’s primary focus will be on continuing to get electricity prices down for Australian households and businesses," the PM announced on Sunday.

"The Hon Peter Dutton MP will remain in the key role of minister for home affairs where he has served with distinction by continuing to protect our borders and keep Australians safe.

"Unfortunately there isn’t a place for everyone in Cabinet."

The Australian Government page for cyber security is currently pointing users to the Home Affairs page saying the information have been transferred to the department.

"The Department of the Home Affairs is the lead agency for cyber security policy across the Australian Government," reads the Home Affairs page.

The Department of Home Affairs was officially established in December 2017 which includes immigration and customs border policy functions, national security, emergency management and criminal justice functions, the Office of Transport Security from the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development; multicultural affairs from the Department of Social Services; and the counter-terrorism coordination and cyber security policy functions from the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet.

Minister for Energy, Taylor, had been appointed minister for law enforcement and cyber security following a ministerial Cabinet reshuffle in December 2017.

On 23 August, he handed his resignation to Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, amid a round of leadership challenges.

Taylor's letter stated his resignation was on the basis of his support for Peter Dutton, who has challenged the Prime Minister as the Liberal party leader.