Palm's Tungsten C to be first Palm with XScale

  • Tom Krazit (IDG News Service)
  • 11 April, 2003 07:02

Palm's new Tungsten C handheld will be released around the end of April as the first Palm-branded handheld to use one of Intel's XScale processors, a source said.

The Tungsten C was entered into the ordering system at office supply company Staples in February for $US499.99, but Staples employees were unable to confirm any details at the time.

The Tungsten C will feature 802.11b wireless Internet technology, in contrast to its sister Tungsten W handheld, that uses a GSM/GPRS (Global System for Mobile Communications/General Packet Radio Service) module for wireless data communications.

The Tungsten C marks a design win for Intel over Texas Instruments (TI) and Motorola.

Motorola's Dragonball chip powers the Tungsten W, and the Tungsten T uses an OMAP chip from TI.

Intel's XScale processors for handhelds have mostly been found in personal digital assistants with Microsoft's Pocket PC 2002 operating system, but a few Palm OS devices exist, such as Sony's Clie.

A Palm representative could not be reached for comment.

Intel declined to comment.