Infront invests $11M to drive cloud-first Govt initiatives

New public sector offering receives Government seal of approval
Allan King - Managing director, Infront Systems

Allan King - Managing director, Infront Systems

Infront Systems has invested $11 million to accelerate government adoption of cloud services, launching Innovation Exchange to align with the Digital Transformation Agency’s cloud-first policy.

Revealed exclusively by ARN in September, the offering has now received an official Government seal of approval, with Angus Taylor, assistant minister for Digital Transformation, supporting the official launch of the public sector cloud solution in Canberra on Thursday 23 November.

Specifically, the solution is designed to support Government agencies as they transition to cloud.

“Infront has made significant investments over the past five years to develop the people, processes and technology necessary to transition agencies to ‘as-a-service’ based organisations,” Infront managing director Allan King said.

“With over $11 million dollars invested and an in-depth understanding of the security and technology requirements of the public sector, Infront Systems is fully committed to partnering with government agencies to respond to their nuanced agency-specific requirements.

“As we move into a cloud first era, security threats and operational risks are increasing. It is essential that government departments select products, integrations and partners that will help ensure the protection of government data.”

As reported by ARN, Infront launched the Innovation Exchange in September, providing a suite of as-a-service offerings that deliver turn-key solutions capable of responding directly to the operational needs of modern Government.

“Developed over five years, the managed services within the Innovation Exchange allow Government agencies to accelerate digital delivery while mitigating risk associated with the adoption of a hybrid cloud model,” King explained.

“However, the Innovation Exchange is much more than a managed service. It is a ground-breaking solution that allows us to share our cloud knowledge and experience directly with our customers.”

According to King, the biggest barrier to Government adopting cloud is lack of governance, management and financial frameworks that are required in an as-a-service consumption model.

As a result, King said every service and integration within the Innovation Exchange has been developed with a focus on security and operational governance.

“We recognise that today only one perm cent of the Government’s $9 billion IT budget is currently delivered via cloud which can be attributed to concerns about how organisations can secure and operate their services in cloud,” King added.

Recently, Infront has been working closely to integrate with Vault Systems, a provider of ASD Certified Cloud Services.

“We believe the combination of our secure government cloud infrastructure and Infront’s cloud expertise can accelerate the digital transformation journey the government is undertaking,” Vault CEO Rupert Taylor-Price added.

Vault’s services are the latest in a long line of partner services to be integrated into Infront’s as a service offerings.

This collaboration required Vault’s cloud services to be integrated with Infront’s preferred cloud governance solution, Buttonwood.

Buttonwood is a Canberra based start-up Cloud Management Platform (CMP), providing simplified cloud management across multiple providers, together with policy based financial and operational governance.

“We fully expect our offerings to rapidly mature, driving down managed service costs by over 30 per cent,” King added.

“The Innovation Exchange will also speed up government cloud transition, offering increased agility to consumers who use government services.”