PC Briefs: Fujitsu, AMD

Fujitsu adds launches Centrino Tablet PC

Fujitsu PC has expanded its line-up of Tablet PC products with the launch of the LifeBook T3000 convertible device -— Fujitsu’s first Tablet PC to use Intel’s Centrino technology. Fujitsu has become one of the few vendors to offer both a convertible and a slate Tablet PC. The LifeBook T3000 convertible device looks like an ordinary notebook, but with a screen that swivels to cover the keyboard when used in Tablet PC mode. Fujitsu’s other Tablet PC, the Stylistic ST4000, is a slate device that can be placed in a docking station when a user wants to enter information with a keyboard. The new T3000 is based on Intel’s Centrino package of chips that, in this model, includes a 1.4GHz Pentium M processor, the Intel 855GM chipset, and an 802.11b Intel Pro/Wireless chip. It comes with a 12.1-inch display, a 40G-byte hard drive, 256M bytes of DDR SDRAM and two USB 2.0 ports for a base price of $1799.

AMD releases Opteron 146, 846

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has completed the rollout of a group of new Opteron chips, adding the 146 and 846 to its line-up. AMD released the Opteron 246 in July, and was expected to release the 146 for one-way servers and workstations and the 846 for servers with up to eight processors shortly thereafter. The x46 chips run at 2GHz, and come with 1MB of Level 2 cache. AMD also makes Opteron chips at three slower speeds. The 146 costs $US669 in 1000-unit quantities, and the 846 costs $3199 in 1000-unit quantities. The 146 is immediately available, and systems with the chip are available now. The 846 is available in servers from system builders participating in AMD’s Validated Server Program.