Canberra partner wins $3.5M data analytics deal with NSW Govt

Astute Informatics awarded three-year contract by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation

Canberra-based AWS partner, Astute Informatics has been awarded a $3.46 million, three-year contract by the NSW Department of Finance, Services and Innovation for the implementation of a consolidated data analytics platform.

Under the terms of the contract, which extends to September 2019, Astute Informatics is set to roll out an analytics platform made up of a suite of data integration, storage and analytics applications.

According to tender documents, the analytics platform is expected to comprise of a secure web-based portal providing a site to facilitate data ingestion and uploaded data from trusted organisations and stakeholders.

It will also include a site to consume both public and private reports and dashboards, as well as a site to access data sets and other analytics publications.

Additionally, the Department has called for the platform to feature a data ingestion capability to facilitate the bulk upload integration of data into a consolidated repository.

Meanwhile, the deal includes a data storage platform to store and manage structured, semi-structured and unstructured data, both physically and logically, within the platform.

At the same time, the tender calls for a visualisation capability that can provide dynamic, interactive dashboards and reports, can be consumed across a wide range of mediums, and integrates will geospatial maps and advanced statistical analysis packages.

Astute Informatics, which describes itself as an analytics and information management consulting firm, includes vendors such as analytics platform provider, Cloudera, data virtualisation player, Denodo and analytics platform vendor, MicroStrategy, in its partner portfolio – in addition to AWS.

According to its website, Astute Informatics was incorporated in December 2012 as a result of a corporate restructure and the consolidated acquisition of Astute Technologies. The company’s business units that were formerly owned and controlled by Astute Technologies have been operating since 2005.

The company has a history of engagements with Federal Government entities, such as the Department of Defence and the Department of Human Services, along with a number of large private-sector enterprises, including the Commonwealth Bank of Australia and QANTAS.

Astute Informatics, which is a member of more than a dozen government panels, beat out a number of other high profile providers to win the contract, according to tender documents, with the likes of Accenture, IBM Australia, and Telstra also appearing as respondents to the request for tender.