Global Speech Networks nabs MYOB contact centre overhaul project

Melbourne-based company to deploy Genesys' omnichannel customer experience and data centre solutions

Melbourne’s Global Speech Networks (GSN), has struck a deal to deploy Genesys' omnichannel customer experience and data centre solutions as part of a contact centre systems overhaul for accounting software company, MYOB.

The new project is aimed at helping MYOB position itself to meet customer experience and contact centre needs as they evolve.

GNS, which is deploying the project, is a Genesys partner that helped to pioneer the enterprise contact centre cloud in Australia 15 years ago.

Established in 2001, GSN has made a name for its business, promised by the emergence of new open standards technologies such as SIP and VoiceXML.

For GNS head of strategy and products, Luis Nejo, the project builds on MYOB’s legacy in customer service.

“It would be easy to consider this project a reaction to new market entrants, but this investment is indicative of the business’ dynamic and entrepreneurial nature,” Nejo said. “It offers a fantastic opportunity to transform the business around MYOB’s customers and their needs.”

While the immediate focus of the project is centred on phone support services for MYOB customers, it is expected that the Genesys Customer Experience Platform being deployed will help ensure an ecosystem of communication channels as part of a longer-term omnichannel strategy.

James Scollay, general manager for SME solutions at MYOB, said customer support remains a key differentiating strategy for the business.

“The decision to invest in the Genesys Customer Experience Platform is part of a strategic move to remain ahead of our competitors,” Scollay said. “We know phone support is important to our customers, and because it isn’t offered by other players in the online accounting software space, investing in services such as these distinguishes us within the industry.

“With Genesys and Global Speech Networks, we are investing more than ever in our customer experience, offering support via our customers’ preferred channels, and giving our service agents the tools they need to answer customer inquiries quickly and effectively,” he said.

For Genesys A/NZ sales director, Mark Buckley, the combined expertise offered by Genesys and GSN offers “unrivalled capabilities” in customer experience.

“Partnering with GSN offers two strong advantages,” Buckley said. “First, MYOB gains access to the GSN cloud platform, which offers scale, speed and security, bundled into a cost-effective cloud-as-a-service model. Second, we benefit from GSN’s implementation expertise.

“As a partner of Genesys for more than 15 years, we know GSN has the best team in the business,” he said.