Accenture builds cloud-based codification system for Department of Defence

Solution streamlines NATO supply chain procedures

The Department of Defence has tapped Accenture to build and deploy what the company claims is the government entity's first software-as-a-service solution, in a move designed to enhance its logistics and supply chain.

The NATO codification system is a standardised agreement approach to identify, classify and number items of supply such as equipment, food items and repair parts. It allows the cooperation of various organisations to provide logistical support such as warehousing, maintenance and purchasing, to government operations like military or disaster relief.

The new system will enable the Department to receive up-to-date NATO codification data and develop new processes and procedures for its supply chain.

According to Accenture, the system integrator worked closely with AURA and other multiple stakeholders across disparate geographies to deliver the 12-month project.

During this period, the company said it established the system design, undertake the data migration activity from the existing system testing activities and deploy the new solution.

“Accenture is proud to have had the opportunity to work alongside Defence and AURA to deliver this project focused on achieving maximum effectiveness in logistics support,” said Accenture Defence Business managing director for Australia, Matt Gollings.

“Critical to project success was the skilled team of industry specialists and a highly collaborative delivery approach between Defence and its multiple industry partners,” he added.

NATO compliance testing was undertaken to ensure the technology was able to successfully communicate with the defence agencies of other nations and the relevant NATO agencies.

Accenture has a strong track record in winning government deals - many that have been awarded by the Department of Defence.

In January, the company scored a one-year telecommunications project contract for the Department worth $2.8 million. The project requires the systems integrator to provide professional services, hardware and software.

Accenture was also selected by the Department in late November 2016 for a hardware refresh and performance uplift for application implementation services, in a deal worth $3 million.