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With more than 300 customers acquired in less than two years, InfoTrust is carving up the security market in Australia - Hafizah Osman investigates.
Dane Meah - CEO, InfoTrust

Dane Meah - CEO, InfoTrust

Slicing off specialised chunks along the way, the Sydney-based start-up was founded by Dane Meah and Simon McKay, and is on track to deliver 100 per cent growth in 2016.

“The idea behind InfoTrust is to hold the hand of the customer after the sale, providing a smooth on boarding experience,” InfoTrust CEO, Dane Meah, said.

“If we look after the customer, the renewals look after themselves.”

As a specialised security partner, InfoTrust provides consultancy, professional services and ongoing support in the delivery of a range of best of breed technologies.

Based in Sydney, the expanding start-up is seizing the moment in security, offering expertise across cloud, data migrations, implementations, training and health checks.

“During my six years at Symantec,” explained Meah, who is now the company’s CEO. “We saw customers purchase cloud services directly, and the market didn’t have many channel partners capable of adding value.

“So I co-founded InfoTrust to be that value added partner, one that delivers holistic engagement models around increasing the return on investment for customers.”

Meah said the company’s main focus is specialising in cloud and security technologies, designing a unique engagement model billed as “the InfoTrust way”.

“It goes back to my observations over the last 10 years working with many of the leading organisations in Australia, such as the banking sector and government,” Meah said.

“Although there is a perception that cloud technologies just work, they don’t because of the internal and external environments are constantly changing.

“Our motto is to couple the good technologies, be it cloud or on-premise, with the InfoTrust way, which enables a customer to get better ROI from the technology and remain better protected.”

According to Meah, the InfoTrust way allows the company to provide a “customised engagement”, dependent on the varied needs and requirements of the end user.

“IT leaders within businesses are now business enablers,” he explained.

“They’re expected to be driving the ultimate goal for their business. So, the InfoTrust way allows that to happen.”

As cloud services are auto-updated and improved, IT staff turnover or requirements change, making it “critical” for businesses to ensure it stays current with the capabilities and solutions it can offer.

As a differentiator, the Symantec and Veritas award-winning partner recently hired Gavin Matthews to offer CSO-as-a-service - offering the outsourced CSO to assist customers with best practice advice.

“Looking back to January 2015, there was just Simon and I,” Meah said. “But during the past six months we’ve witnessed accelerated growth and we’re in the process of hiring three engineers to support our expanding customer base.”

During the first year, InfoTrust reported $2 million in revenue, recording second year growth of 400 per cent.

Looking ahead to 2017, the company aims to cement its presence in Brisbane and Melbourne, while building on a growing portfolio through its maturing managed and professional services business.

“It’s very important to grow in an organic fashion,” he said. “We want to offer that InfoTrust way with every new technology that we bring on. That means fully understanding how it’s implemented, and how to get value from it so we can be that trusted advisor for the technologies we support.”

Within a year, Meah said the company aims to recruit two additional tier-1 partners and by 2020, four more.

“We’re currently exploring a partnership with Splunk,” he added. “We’re not looking to become a “supply all” partner, but a specialised partner.

“We want to be global in three years and have an office in the US or UK. We want to grow to 50 to 60 people and by replicating what we have here.”

FOUNDED - 2014


KEY TECH - Cyber security and cloud

KEY VENDORS - Symantec, Palo Alto Networks, Veeam and Veritas

KEY CUSTOMERS - Three of the big four insurance firms, two major construction businesses and 75 local councils

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