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As the curtain slowly comes down on 2016, and the channel takes stock of the twelve months past, one long-lasting memory will remain.

Forget Dell’s historic acquisition of EMC, Microsoft taking control of LinkedIn or even Tech Data entering Australian shores, three letters best summarise a changing shift within the local market.


While the independent software vendor isn’t a new-fangled term - rather a staple of the past - its role within the channel is heightening, as vendors seek partners capable of building customised and specialised industry solutions in light of applications becoming the new currency of the enterprise.

Underpinned by the increased value of apps, vendors are aligning with ISVs and developers to access new areas of the market, uncovering bolt holes of opportunity along the way.

Billed as the shadow channel by many, the rising importance of the ISV brings new meaning to how traditional partners go-to-market, disrupting the linear supply chain of years gone by.

Driven by cloud-first vendors such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Salesforce and IBM, ISVs represent a broad, diverse and growing group of companies that are displaying influence across lines of business, irrespective of size of stature.

But as the market finally appears to catch up and take a breath, forward-thinking vendors are now fighting to attract and retain ISV talent, providing a platform that fosters creativity and innovation.

Best emphasising the importance of apps within this context, Salesforce now refers to its ISVs as App Innovation Partners, reflecting another shift in focus.

Designed to change the narrative about what these third parties can do when engaging with Salesforce, the new term aims to illustrate how its channel is leveraging its platform to build applications, components, templates and companies.

While Salesforce bucks the trends from a naming perspective, the importance of application building partners is growing in importance across the vendor spectrum.

Now seen as the lifeblood of many vendor, ISVs are extending platforms in new and exciting ways, selling applications through online marketplaces and stores.

Collectively, this issue serves to investigate the partners coming out of the channel shadows, rising to prominence in a cloud dominated world.

As a result, here’s a quick run through of what to expect in the November issue of ARN Magazine:

Building an Australian ISV

Software innovation is top of agenda in Australia today, with a host of new businesses emerging to service a blossoming market - Holly Morgan reports.

Made to order

When it comes to software development, ongoing value can be found in individuality – Intergy Consulting managing director, David Crotty, explains why to Leon Spencer.

The power of the product

The rise of cloud is forcing IT providers to make bold bets, innovating from within in the pursuit of growth - Chris Player identifies a leader in the pack.

Providing a platform for ISV innovation

As chief advocates of the ISV, Amazon Web Services channel alliances manager, Stefan Jansen, outlines to James Henderson how the cloud vendor is providing a platform for innovation.

A next-generation approach to distribution

As the industry advocates for new ways of thinking within the channel, Holly Morgan tests the theory in distribution.

ARN Hall of Fame - Dominic Whitehand

Fresh from being inducted into the ARN Hall of Fame, Exclusive Networks managing director, Dominic Whitehand, explains to James Henderson why hidden in an apparent weakness, is always a strength.


Taking the agile angle in software

There’s more than one way to skin the proverbial cat, and the same can be said for software development - Leon Spencer reports.

Aligning with AWS

In support of global expansion plans, Xero general manager of platform architecture and delivery, Mark Rees, explains to James Henderson why vendor alignment is crucial in the cloud.

Finding the ISV sweet spot

As the industry edges towards cloud, James Henderson uncovers an emerging Brisbane business playing a pivotal role in enabling channel success.


Creating cloud clarity in the channel

In the world of cloud, the next steps to partner progression remain unknown, creating a greater need for clarity in the channel - James Henderson reports.

Building an MSP Business

As traditional box-shifting models erode over time, resellers are finding motivation in building a managed service provider business - Hafizah Osman reports.


Competing in today’s software market

Everyone is in the application software business, making it the fastest-growing segment of the IT industry, according to Gartner.

Partner round-up - Coastal Queensland

Resellers up and down the Queensland coastline are grappling with cloud offerings – Leon Spencer investigates.

The Hot List

Hafizah Osman looks at partners on the upward move - these are companies to watch.

Tech Watch - Securing the Internet of Things

IoT is changing how both operational and strategic security decisions are executed - Hafizah Osman investigates.

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