What's new from: Sharp, ViewSonic, Camcom, BenQ, NEC


Due for March/April 2003 release, the Sharp LLT15G3 is a 15-inch TFT monitor for home and consumer markets. The LLT15G3 supports Windows 95/98/2000/ME/XP and MacOS8.5 or above platforms. It features: XGA resolution of 1024 x 768 dots / 0.8 mega pixels in 16.19 million colours; a 350:1 contrast ratio; Auto Gain Control that automatically matches black level and contrast to the video signal; automatic expansion and smoothing of images that are received in less than XGA resolution to optimum screen size; viewing angles of 160 degrees horizontally and 150 degrees vertically, adjusted to the optimal value. It comes with a long life backlight of about 50,000 hours. RRP: $699. The 17-inch model, the LLT17A3, is currently available. RRP: $1499. The products are distributed by Impact System (NSW), Tera International (Vic), Bluebeau (SA), JMILLS/Abacus (WA) and BQ Wholesale (Qld).


Ranging in size from 15 to 17 inches, Viewsonic’s VG500 and VG700 LCD displays are geared towards corporate, SOHO, gaming and government users. The VG500 and VG700 provide resolutions of up to 1280x1024 with contrast ratios of up to 600:1, brightness of up to 260 nits (or candelas) and horizontal and vertical viewing angles of up to 160 degrees. To ensure sharp focus, crisp images, the displays offer user-controlled on-screen display (OSD) and power-lock functions that, when activated, prevent changes to monitor settings to maintain the optimal picture quality. The LCDs also feature two-tone metallic-on-black design, bezel-integrated speakers and wall mount options. The VG Series is available through distributor Ingram Micro. The VG500 and VG700 are available now.

Estimated street price: $698 and $1200, respectively.

Ingram Micro: 1300 65 3333

Camcom International

Camcom International’s latest range of Neovo TFT LCD screens, that includes the S-15V, X215, X174, and S19 models, feature optic glass protective layers to shield the fragile TFT membrane and enhance image quality. The models are suited to mobile users who work in touch intensive or harsh environments. Models S-15V, X215, X174 and S19 include VGA, Composite and S-Video inputs. Premier models support DVI digital standard and offer priority switching between concurrent multi­media functions — data, video, PC, and Internet applications. They feature 500:1 colour ratios and wide viewing angles. Optional accessories include a wireless RF keyboard and mouse, foldable stand, wall-mounting brackets and an articulated swivel arm for wall or desktop. The screens are available from Camcom International, BAX IT Services, Alstom IT, Macsense, Pacific Communications and others. RRP: ranges from $1898 for the S-15V to $4598 for the S-19; entry level F-Series models start at $898.

Alstom IT: 1300 36 2525


The BenQ’s 17-inch multimedia LCD display, the FP767s, is targeted at corporate executives, multimedia professionals and home office users. It features a brightness of 260 nits (or candelas) and a contrast ratio of 500:1. Larger than normal CRT monitors, the FP767s provides users with generous viewable space to meet the requirements of graphic and multimedia applications. The FP767s features Intrinsic Technology that increases LCD reaction speed to 16 milliseconds, or 63 images per second, creating fast and fluid visual motion for movie and game play viewing. Equipped with an auto adjust function, users can easily position images vertically and horizontally. The iKey function allows users to adjust the display quality and setting with a simple press of the button. The vendor claims the FP767s takes up 50 per cent less desk room than other CRT monitors. The FP767s has an ergonomically designed tilt function (0-20 degrees) and VESA wall mounting that allows for greater user comfort and overall usability. Available now. RRP: $999.

BenQ: (02) 9914 6800


The NEC LCD3000 is the largest, widely available, screen size LCD display and bridges the gap between flat panels designed for the desktop and those intended for large presentation venues. It has a resolution of 1280x768,wide aspect ratio and delivers grey scale and vivid colours at a brightness of 450 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 350:1. The NEC LCD3000 operates at 25 milliseconds to facilitate full-motion video while virtually eliminating “ghosting” or “image trailing”. As the display does not use phosphors in its construction, NEC also eliminates the possibility of images being permanently burned into the screen when left on the display for long periods of time. The LCD3000 display settings can be manipulated by remote diagnostics and remote control capabilities using a local area network or signal cable. Equipped with NEC XtraView wide-angle viewing technology, the NEC LCD3000 delivers an ultra-wide horizontal and vertical-viewing angle of 170 degrees. Available now. RRP: $9999.

NEC: 131 632