New AI app offers free business advice from your pocket

Gives access to educational videos spanning 80 business topics for entreprenuers
Dale Beaumont - founder and CEO, BRiN

Dale Beaumont - founder and CEO, BRiN

BRiN is a new artificially intelligent smartphone app designed for entrepreneurs that offers ‘on-demand’ business advice for free.

The app gives users access to an extensive library of videos featuring advice from notable business advisors across 80 topics such as hiring staff, acquiring customers and building a website.

BRiN founder and chief executive, Dale Beaumont, said his goal in developing the app was to make business education free and accessible to millions of people around the world that own their own small business or are planning to start one soon.

According to Beaumont, there are two reasons why business owners fail - the first is a lack of education and the second is a lack of support.

Dale Beaumont - founder and CEO, BRiN
Dale Beaumont - founder and CEO, BRiN

“There are 500 million business owners on the planet but sadly 1 in 10 (50 million) fail every year,” he said.

“Given the scale of the problem we realised conventional business models based on one-to-one coaching, meetups or live events weren’t going to cut it. And that’s when the idea of BRiN was born."

Beaumont said there are currently more than 500 videos within the app that users can choose to listen or watch and customise playlists.

"The goal is to get 1,000,000 business owners using BRiN within the next 12-18 months," he added.

"Once the target has been met, video ads, in-app purchases and a monthly subscription for premium features and content will be introduced."