Tech One stumbles onto new niche

Did you know that Technology One also produces Property Management Software? Neither did they.

Highlighting the benefits of creating software that can easily be adapted and applied to multiple tasks, ASX-listed software developer Technology One has won a deal to supply a property management software solution to the Queensland chapter of the Uniting Church of Australia.

The deal, worth about $500,000, sees the Uniting Church buy and implement Technology One’s Local Government software management system to assist in managing its raft of properties and assets.

The Uniting Church owns and manages more than 2500 properties, leases more than 1000 properties, and manages a substantial fleet of vehicles. From a management point of view, it reads much like a local council.

“We have a very strong presence in local Government,” chief executive officer of Technology One, Adrian Di Marco, said. “Property management is a big part of what they do. They have to register and manage the rates on a lot of properties and handle a lot of development approvals. It is not a major jump to make the functionality that drives that system to work for any large organisation managing hundreds of properties.”

Di Marco was unsure whether the Uniting Church was the first of many new customers that may consider using such software to manage their property assets.

“We don’t really understand how big this market is,” he said. “But there are quite a few organisations worth approaching out there.”

Either way, he did not see the need for his software developers to recode a new software suite specifically for property management.

“It isn’t a big job to take the local Government software and extend its functionality to be used elsewhere,” he said.

Di Marco said his coders had spent the last 15 years creating an underpinning technology (design, data models, tools) that was built with flexibility taken into account.

“To succeed in this tough market, software developers need to be able to supply flexible and sophisticated systems that are versatile enough to meet a client’s criteria,” he said. “The sales staff also need to be lateral thinkers in the search for clients in different markets that may still be a match for our software.”