Centrify launches new Developer Program for MFA and access control

Partners can leverage vendor’s APIs to manage employee access to applications

Cyber-security company, Centrify, has launched a developer program designed for partners to incorporate security features deemed critical for a business, according to the vendor.

Through APIs, the new program offers security and identity features including single sign-on (SSO), social login and multi-factor authentication (MFA) that can be integrated into partners Cloud, mobile and on-premises applications.

The vendor said the program will allow developer partners to focus on their own apps, but use Centrify’s tools for both user and access management and certification, ensuring operability for apps and resources.

“Other developer programs often lack the customisable, identity-based security APIs for both end users and privileged users,” Centrify security strategist, Chris Webber, said.

“Now, with the launch of the Centrify Developer Program, we have made our APIs and the documentation behind them, more accessible to our customers and the app developer community,” he added.

In addition, through customisation options, the vendor said developers can deliver a common branded experience for employees, customers and partners by adding these security features and simultaneously eliminating the need for cumbersome passwords.

The specific security and identity access management features include password reset, social login for customers, programmatic creation of resources and accounts, custom MFA and ‘bring your own user interface.’