Cloud Distribution adds Cloudmark to its security portfolio

Cloudmark Trident offers real time protection against highly targeted spear phishing attacks.

Cloud Distribution has inked a new deal with US-based network security vendor, Cloudmark.

The agreement enables Cloud Distribution to help drive local business through the enterprise, MSP and SME channel partners for Cloudmark, which launched its new product Cloudmark Trident earlier this year.

It is a comprehensive security solution for real-time protection against highly targeted spear phishing attacks, enabling enterprises to detect and block spear phishing attacks as they happen before it results in lost revenue or data, damage to consumers and employees, and negative impacts on a brand’s reputation.

“We selected Cloud Distribution to deliver our technology to the Australian marketplace because of their expertise with security solutions and reputation,” Cloudmark Asia Pacific general manager, Stuart Folo, said.

”Another significant point is that we understand the challenges of data sovereignty and operating within the regulations placed on Australian and New Zealand businesses.

"This is why we have built a dedicated environment located Sydney specifically for the Australian and New Zealand market.”

Folo said it has had a strong OEM business, but has never done direct sales into the enterprise market, and after conducting significant research, it came across Cloud Distribution.

"We've been doing business in Australia for the last decade, working with carriers such as Optus, Telstra and VHA, and we know that Australia has a very good adoption rate of new and emerging technologies," he said.

"We can now enter the enterprise market, with Cloud Distribution's help and reduce the burden and risk on Australian businesses.

"We're expanding our reach into the Australian channel network and we would like to get many trials underway with customers and take as much feedback as possible."

Cloud Distribution COO, Jason Burn, said its partners had been on the lookout for a solution like Cloudmarket Trident, to help address a huge problem in the security market.

"When I was looking at filling in the portfolio, I wanted a trusted vendor that had been around for a while," he said.